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Enasni Volz
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Heya! Welcome to my page! I go by Enasni/Moxxi here in the internet, but you can call me pretty much whatever you want.

I'm just an easily distracted gamer and fangirl out to make friends and costumes! My costumes are made by hand, and I LOVE to act out the role of the characters I cosplay! Stick around to see new pictures, upcoming cosplays and events!

IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT COSPLAY, the best place to reach me in a timely manner is my Facebook or Tumblr!

I am an official GeekLurv Cosplayer! What's GeekLurv?
"Geeklurv is the wave of the future. Flying cars, talking toasters, self-aware housing; all of that pales in comparison to what geeklurv could and might very well be in the future. For now though, it's a dating website designed by geeks for like-minded individuals regardless of your gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, body type, fetishes, or fandom. For more information on us please check out this sort-of-FAQ on our tumblr!"

You can currently find these cosplays on my page:
Classic Harley Quinn
Dr. Harleen Quinzel(Batman)
Winter/Christmas Harley Quinn (Batgirl Adventures #1)
Christmas Morning Harley Quinn
DCUO Trailer Harley Quinn (DC Universe Online)
Ame Comi Harley Quinn (Ame Comi Statue Line)
Hollywood Harley Quinn (Hooray for Harleywood)
Victorian Circus Acrobat Harley Quinn (Holly Messinger's amazing brain)
Zombie Harley Quinn(Batman/original)
Pajama Party Harley Quinn (Infinite Crisis)
Real Power of the DC Universe Harley Quinn (Adam Hughes)
Amusement Mile Harley Quinn (Original)
Mad Love Harley Quinn (B:TAS)
Chloe Frazer (Uncharted 2)
DeeDee Twins (Batman Beyond)
Mad Moxxi (Borderlands)
Mad Moxxi (Borderlands 2)
Bellatrix L'estrange (Harry Potter movie-verse)
The Hunter(L4D)
Nicki Minaj Creep (The Creep music video)
80s Glam Pinkie Pie (MLP:FiM)
Old Gregg (The Mighty Boosh)

Upcoming Cosplays:
Tia Dalma
Injustice Hawkgirl
Lana Kane
Rogue (X-men animated series)
Firehawk Lilith (Borderlands 2)
Samus Aran (Metroid series, Gravity Suit version)
Mother Goethel (Tangled)
Ruby - (Ruby and Jade fanart)
Sam Byrne - (Gears of War 3)
Formal Harley Quinn
Dee Dee (Dexter's Lab)
Meg (Disney's Hercules)
Harley's Holiday
Lots and lots of Harley costumes.
Roxy Rocket (Batman)
Roxy Richter (Scott Pilgrim - movie version)
Sarah Sanderson (Hocus Pocus)
Leeloo 'Dallas' (The Fifth Element)
Mystique (X-men, white dress)
Haruko (FLCL)
Sheik (SSBB Variant)
And more... Yes I know that's a lot already :D

My conventions this year:

:bulletpurple: Wondercon: April 18-20
(Anaheim, CA)
:bulletpurple: Dallas Comic Con: May 16-18th
(Dallas, TX)
:bulletpurple: A-Kon: May 30-June 1st
(Dallas, TX)
:bulletpurple: SDCC: July 17-20th
(San Diego, CA)
:bulletpurple:AnimeFEST: Aug 15-18th
:bulletpurple:Dragon*Con: Aug 29-Sept 1st
(Atlanta, GA)
:bulletpurple:Gearbox Software Community Day: Date/Event TBD
(Dallas, TX)
:bulletpurple: Fan Days: Oct 3-5
(Dallas, TX)
:bulletpurple:New York Comic Con: Oct 9-12th
(New York City, NY)
:bulletpurple: Comikaze: Dates TBD
(Los Angeles, CA)
:bulletpurple: IKKiCON: Dec 26-28
(Austin, TX)

❤ - Indicates that I will be sponsored to attend by!
♢ - Indicates that I will be there with SCNS: Live!

Any info regarding booth/panels/print sales will be posted as each convention draws near! :D
I'll also be adding the costumes I will be wearing and planning to wear at each convention a bit later! ;D

These are some people I love, enjoy their work and/or have inspired me in some way. I recommend checking them out!

Current Residence: Texas

Harley Quinn cuffs and cowls now on sale! As well as necklaces and prints! 

4 deviants said or go here:…
2 deviants said More info in my journal!
2 deviants said Proceeds help fund my move across country!! <3
1 deviant said or here:
Hey guys!

So, as you all know in a few short weeks I will be moving across the country to start a new crazy life with my puddin in California. I’m incredibly excited about this because WE CAN FINALLY BE DONE WITH THIS LONG DISTANCE NONSENSE.

I am however going to need your help! Moving is a bit pricey, and transporting all of my costumes mayyyy be out of the question for a while. UNLESS. I can sell some more of my nerdy wares to help fund the move!
Most of you are aware that I sell cosplay prints, I’m going to be selling whats left in stock in the store and after that I will be shutting down my print shop for an undetermined amount of time. I want to get settled in my new home and find a new print shop before committing to selling new prints! If I could sell out of the prints I currently have, that would be a HUUUUGE help. So if you ever wanted one of my prints, now would be the time to get one or two or ten bazillion. ;D

I ALSO sell neat nerdy pendants and accessories in my etsy, and again, I won’t be adding new ones to the shop until I get settled in and unpacked in California with my new address, so once they are sold out they are gone for a while!

Lastly! I will be opening up my Harley Quinn cowl and cuff commissions! I will only be opening up THREE slots for cowls and FIVE slots for cuffs, once they fill up I’m not sure when I will be taking them again.
IMPORTANT! If you are wanting to order one of these, please understand that I will not be able to start construction until AFTER June 16th due to packing, finishing current commissions and the move. Keep in mind it takes 1-2 weeks for cowls to be completed and shipped off. I do ship cosplay commissions priority mail though!

If you are interested in any of the above PLEASE check out my storenvy and etsy shops! I could really use your help, sugar!

Cuffs, Cowls and Pendants:…


LASTLY and only if you really really can afford to, I am also accepting paypal donations on my cosplay tumblr if you are so inclined. If you include an email address or mailing address with your donation, I will do my very best to send you a special something as a thank you!

(donate button on the sidebar)

Thank you loves!!!
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